Graffiti filled streets, dynamic super heroes, and the intuitive expressionism of master draftsman and painters fuel Tony Philippou’s inspiration. His career started in freelance illustration which then transitioned into fine arts. Combining urban themes with classical forms of art and design are two of the central components to his visual narrative. His work can be seen on a variety of surfaces including metal, wood, paper, clothing and canvas.

His slick city roots and imaginative upbringing is attributed to the lovely borough of the Bronx. Home of the Yankees, Hip-Hop, Bronx Zoo and the beautiful Botanical Gardens, these timeless and historical institutions have embedded their visual presence in the landscapes and motifs present in his paintings.



Pratt Institute Brooklyn NY, 2001

B.F.A Communications Design



Monty Montgomery began exhibiting his work in 2002. Born and raised in Virginia, Montgomery loved black lines and bright colors at a very young age and was influenced by his mother who was a kindergarten teacher. “I started doing art really young,” Montgomery says. “Grabbing crayons and markers and trying to fill in good old-fashioned coloring books. I remember having a massive amount of coloring books and being able to sit for hours with my mom at the kitchen table trying to get each page perfect.”



Longwood University VA, 1998

B.F.A Communications Design